Sunday, May 11, 2014

Pot Porry

I couldnt believe my ears last night listening to Bob McCowan's program on Sportsnet. Canadian athletes whining about having to carry the Canadian flag at the winter Olympics. In fact a whole bunch of so called elite athletes have flatly refused to do so.What a bunch of wimps! What bunch of selfish self centered assholes!! They dont want to carry my country's flag in front of the world then the COC better not send the crybabies

Paul sure doesnt look well. He gives me the impression that he is just barely holding on. Of course having "separatist" Buzz in his corner is like having a Nazis officiate at a bar mitzvah.Aw shucks that is mean. Maybe Buzz ( whats his real name anyway?)is an NDP mole. Ya dont suppose? I bet that Paul checks in to Shouldice after the Election. Shouldice ? Sure . They do brain hernia operations . Well dont they ?

All this election stuff got me thinking of a few political jokes .During the Watergate and Nixon tapes affair President Nixon was heard on tape to refer to PM Trudeau as an "asshole" A reporter asked the thenPC leader of the opposition what he thought of that to which Diefenbaker replied "The President is a fine judge of anatomy"

Robert Stanfield,ol slow talkin Bob , Leader of the Opposition admired one of Trudeau's suits. Upon finding the tailor that made the suit Bob went to the guy and told him he wanted a suit exactly like the one he made for the Prime Minister. Sure said the tailor but there is something you should know about that suit ,the PM likes the fly put on the side . Waal drawled Bob thats ok . If he can swing it so can I.

During one campaign in rural Saskatchewan Tommy Douglas jumped up on a manure wagon to give a speech and said this is the first time I ever stood on the Liberal Party's platform.

Lastly Dief the Chief who was feuding with red Tory Flora Macdonald MP for Kingston was heard to remark that she was the finest woman ever to walk the streets of Kingston. Today that remark could probably be applied to Belinda and Newmarket.

Still musing about "separtist Buzz . The guy knows about seperatism . He has fixed it so that GM is gonna seperate a lot of his union members from their jobs. Buzz?? More like Buzzard.

Out on a limb

Going to go way out on a limb this week

Hasselbeck aint Sims and Seattle aint Tampa

Carolina@ Chicago
Da Bears need another year

New England@ Denver
The Pats are peaking at the right tyme

Steelers@ Indy
Will Indy's layoff hurt? I dont know. I do know that the Steelers are healthy and prepared.


Rain, rain and more rain. Sheeesh .I had a look outside and half expected to see the Esquimalt ferry docking. Spent a bit of time reading reports by the various polbloggers of the Friday 'stravaganza at Fiddlers Green. The concensus seems to be that fun was had by all and by the Lefties too. All sides said that gee those folks on the opposite are nice people when you meet them. I mentioned to someone that a few more of those 'stravaganzas and the political blogdom will turn into one big love in.

With all this political get togethers I'm sorta reminded of one of our mayors ,Vin, that I knew well . He was a hardcore Liberal Party member and a self made millionaire. He happened to be a helluva good guy and a good buddy even tho I was a Tory.Every morning you would find him at Nicks, the local coffee shop ,with the guys when he was the mayor and when he wasnt. I admired the man for the no nonsense way he looked after the town's business and also for the fact that he couldnt be pressured by some government types the way some of our mayors had been.

I knew an old CCFer,Murph.Murph was a retired CNR conductor and a coffee shop regular. The first thing he did before he got his coffee was grab the Globe and Mail. If some idiot Tory or Liberal had it first the back of their necks would be glowing red from Murphs laser stare. During one election campaign Nick the coffee shop owner brought in a Liberal cabinet minister who was stumpin this riding for his colleague. Nick says to Murph I got someone here I want you to meet . Murph glanced over his paper and with a snarl said "I dont wanna talk to that sonovabitch". Broke the place up. Election time at Nick's verged on a hockey brawl.

All the regulars at Nick's coffee shop had their own white mug with their last name on it in black paint. The only exception was the local undertaker .His mug was black and his name was in silver paint.Nicks was a hangout for local Libs and Tories. Sometimes the odd Dipper would drop in to see what the capitalist swine were plotting. The coffee wasnt corporate like Tim's usually you had to hammer your spoon into it but the ribbing and political arguing that came with it was worth it.Once a regular had caught a mouse at home then sneaked it into Nicks. After the waitress poured his coffee he made a big scene of pulling the mouse out of his cup. Nick banished him for two days.
One time Vin the mayor came in with this big wok he had bought to show the guys . Hes standing there holding it out and one of the waitresses walked over and threw a nickle into it . Laughed ,I thought my pants would never dry. Somehow Tim Hortons doesnt have the same ambience.

New year ramble

It was sure nice to see that we have another computer geek in the family . I thought it was only a matter of time seen how the little guy mastered the dvd player before he was a year old. By mastered I mean that he knew how to hook it up to the tv and which buttons to push and if things werent working he knew how to trouble shoot the connections. Grampa aint too proud! ( Sitting at Gramma's desk)

What a fine winter day it was the temperature in the afternoon on the balcony was 50F or 10C for the mtericals.It seemed strange yesterday watching the Bowl games on the day after New Years. I was a bit disappointed that The Irish lost.They did lose to a very good team tho . Weiss must work on his defence for next year . They gave up the big plays way too readily. As for Ohio State my only regret was that I didnt see them play this past year because their games were never on my satellite feed for some reason.

So the CEO of the TSX purchased three quarter of a million dollars in stock the day before Goodales income trust announcement and according to Bourque he made a cool 100,000 bucks profit.Is that why the OSC has done nothing.? I bet that if American investors were screwed by all this Nesbitt will find his ass hauled before an American court along with some other big Canadian names then we will see action there and not the usual forelock tugging to their "betters" that goes on here.

Monday Hindsight

I thought that Carolina would be the one. I guess that injuries to key player .....Pepper ,Foster ,Goings and Delhommes inability to find the open guy because of the double coverage on Smith added up to a rout.

The Steelers were just doing what comes naturally.XL should be exciting . I will go with Cowher's Crew.
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No ebloggy problems today, thanks for asking. Unless it gets just miserable, I'll probably keep it...As I indicated, I just haven't warmed up to my blogspot blog. It is convenient to be able to go there when ebloggy is down and I just need to vent, though, even though I don't think anyone has ever read it. Just as well, since I just copy it to ebloggy once it's up and running again...

minor Rumble

Way to go Canada!! Our Juniors looked every bit as good as last years all star crop. A nice bonus for this Leaf fan is that young Justin Pogge might be the Mapleos goaltender of the future.

"Some people use their blogs as diaries, although why you'd wax on about 'what I did today' for more than two billion people on the Net to read, is beyond me" so says John Gormley arrogantly in the Saskatoon This quote was in an article he wrote about bloggers and the election. Like a lot of media types he has his panties in a knot over blogs and bloggers and I can understand that coming from a member of a profession soon to be shoved into the garbage can of history.He does acknowledge that some political bloggers are superior to a lot of media types and thats fine. I just dont like his slam at the folks who use a blog as it was originaly intended. I regard those bloggers as latter day Samuel Peyps. Oh ya Johnboy there is a hell of a lot of us.

June in January (Almost)

Yesterday it was sun and plus 17.5 C. Today rain and snow . Go figure.Well as befits a Spring day in January out came the chairs and the outdoor speakers and the beer. TheGirl was helping a neighbour to pack for moving so that left me with 3Dog Night, Travis Tritt, Van Morrison and bunch of other musical folks.After a bit TheGirl got the camera to have some evidence of the Spring day here and snapped one of that ugly old bugger on the left. Hoohaa.